BY FRANK CHIN - 1998, 431 pages, paperback.

From the back cover -
"Frank Chin is one of the great essayists of our time."
-Ishmael Reed

"Frank Chin is destined to go down in Asian American literary history. To the many readers he provokes and excites, the question is what does 'go down' mean?"
-Stephen H. Sumida

Thought-provoking, furious, hilarious, tough, outrageous, erudite, and compassionate all at once, Frank Chin is perhaps the most instantly recognizable voice in Chinese American writing today. A Self-proclaimed "transcendent Chinaman pagan heathen barbarian," Chin searches out (or stumbles on) the right people and situations, vividly recording the outcome in distinctively American terms. Here are six of his best essays, spanning the past forty years. Making his way across the U.S. to cuba, Chin is arrested as an American spy some time between Castro's revolution and the missile crisis. He meets Ben Fee, the man who integrated San Francisco, and is introduced to Southeast Asian gangs and culture in San Diego. He discovers Chinese bachelor society along the California-Mexico border and travels to Singapore, where he speculates on the fear and suppression of Chinese culture among Chinese Singaporeans. Back at the home front, he encounters the new white racism along Interstate 5 during the Gulf War.

Chin's gifts as novelist, as dramatist, as literary gangster are fully realized when they are brought to bear on the cultural scene - in this case, one that stetches from San Francisco to Tijuana.

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