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Not Just Victims
Conversations with Cambodian
Community Leaders in the United States
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Not Just Victims
Conversations with Cambodian Community Leaders in the United States

Edited and with an Introduction by Sucheng Chan
Interviews by Audrey U. Kim
2003, 299 pages, paperback.
Book Description from Back Cover
Comments from Back Cover
Background on Sucheng Chan and Audrey Kim

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Book Description from Back Cover

Not Just Victims contains twelve oral histories based on conversations with Cambodian community leaders in eight American cities with sizable Cambodian ethnic communities. Unlike the dozens of autobiographies published by Cambodians that focus largely on their victimization and experiences during the Khmer Rouge regime before fleeing Cambodia, these narratives describe how Cambodian refugees have adapted to life in the United States.

Providing insiders' views of the issues and challenges the group is encountering, Not Just Victims focuses on communities in Long Beach, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, and the Massachusetts towns of Fall River and Lowell.

Sucheng Chan's extensive introduction provides a historical framework within which the stories of the refugees can be better understood. She discusses the civil war that brought death to half a million people (1970-75), the bloody Khmer Rouge revolution (1975-79), the border war during the Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia (1979-89), and the addi-tional travails faced by those who escaped to holding camps in Thailand. The book also includes an essay on oral history and a substantial bibliography.

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Comments from Back Cover

"Not Just Victims is of very high quality as a piece of scholarship. The review of the literature on Cambodia and Cambodian refugees is extraordinary. The book contains easily the single best synthesis of Cambodian history, migration and resettlement I have ever read."
-Jeremy Hein, author of From Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia: A Refugee Experience in the United States

"Not Just Victims is not only the most important work yet published about the kind of life that Cambodians are creating for themselves in the New World, but it also gives a concise account of Cambodian catastrophe in the Old."
-Roger Daniels, from his foreword

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Background on Sucheng Chan and Audrey Kim

Sucheng Chan is professor emerita and former chair of the Department of Asian American Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. She is the author or editor of a dozen books, including Asian Americans: An Interpretive History, This Bittersweet Soil: The Chinese in California Agriculture, 1860-1910, and Claiming America: Constructing Chinese American Identities during the Exclusion Era.

Audrey Kim is a counseling psychologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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