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Chinese New Year for Kids
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Chinese New Year for Kids

By Cindy Roberts
Illustrated by Yang Song and Jiayin Yu
2003, 30 pages, paperback.
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Book Description

This is a revised and updated version of
Lunar New Year for Kids. Chinese New Year for Kids is a hands-on workbook for parents and teachers. It was written for children from ages 3 to 12 years old to be used in the classroom or at home. All text is in simple English and can be read directly to the children. The art projects are designed to be easy, as well as inexpensive to reproduce for large groups. Music, physical movement, art, and food all add to the ambiance of traveling to China during the New Year.

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Book Review

Chinese New Year for Kids is a book written more for parents rather than children. It contains great ideas the parents could use for Chinese New Year parties for their children. This is actually a good book for parents to teach children about Chinese culture. However, the book could also include story of the New Year Beast, the origin of Chinese New Years. The New Year beast story tells of a beast that comes one day every year to kill people in the villages. The Chinese warded off the beast by dressing in red, lighting off fireworks, and various traditions that are celebrated today during Chinese New Years. By including ideas that simulate actual Chinese New Year celebrations, the children will not only learn Chinese New Year traditions, but also learn to appreciate Chinese culture.

By Alice Tan

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