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Rabbit in the Moon
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Rabbit in the Moon

Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor - Emiko Omori
Co-Producer - Chizuko Omori
Editor - Pat Jackson
1999, 85 minutes, Video.
Video Description
Film Credits

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Video Description

Rabbit in the Moon is a documentary/memoir about the lingering effects of the World War II internment of the Japanese American community. It is also the story of two sisters, both former internees, filmmaker Emiko Omori and writer Chizuko Omori, who revisited the absence of this vital history in their lives while searching for he memory of their mother. Visually stunning and emotionally compelling, Rabbit in the Moon examines issue that ultimately created deep rifts within the community, reveals the racist subtext of the loyalty questionnaire and exposes the absurdity of the military draft within the camps. These testimonies are linked by the filmmakers' own experiences in the camps and placed in a larger historical context by the voice of the director, Emiko Omori.

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Best Documentary Cinematography
Sundance Film Festival

Outstanding Historical Programming
National Emmy

Outstanding Interpretation of History on Film
American Historical Association

Award for Excellence
Society for Visual Anthropology
American Anthropological Association

Silver Apple
National Educational Media Network

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Film Credits

Producer /Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Emiko Omori
Co-Producer:Chizuko Omori
Editor: Pat Jackson
Cinematographer/Sound: Witt Monts
Original Music Score: Janice Giteck
Additional Music: Ray Lynch, Michael Sasaki

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