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Till the End of Time
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Till the End of Time

By Larry Ching
Produced by Ben Fong-Torres
2003, Audio CD.
Description from Back Cover
Liner Notes - Official website of Larry Ching
Remembering Larry Ching - article by Ben Fong-Torres

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Description from Back Cover

In the 40s and 50s at the legendary Forbidden City nightclub in San Francisco, Larry Ching was a star attraction, 'the Chinese Sinatra.' Now, just six decades later, he makes his first CD. To a collection of timeless American standards, including several that evoke his native Hawaii, Larry adds a shimmering musical stardust.

Track Titles:

  1. I'm in the Mood For Love
  2. I Only Have Eyes For You
  3. Prisoner of Love
  4. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au)
  5. Once in a While
  6. All of Me
  7. Embraceable You
  8. Blue Hawaii
  9. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  10. It Had to Be You
  11. Hawaiian Paradise
  12. Stardust
    Bonus Tracks: From a Session in the 40's
  13. How High the Moon/Blue Moon
  14. Too Young
  15. That's For Me
  16. Till the End of Time

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Liner Notes

Till the End of Time
Larry Ching, a singular singer

Larry Ching's voice is a thrilling, musical instrument. Which makes it all the more amazing that he's been away from the recording studios for maybe 60 years. Larry himself doesn't remember the earlier session. It was "sometime in the Forties," he says, back when he was a featured vocalist at the Forbidden City nightclub in San Francisco, and also performed on a radio show starring Hoagy Carmichael, composer of "Stardust."

At Forbidden City, which featured mostly Chinese entertainers, Larry was billed as "the Chinese Sinatra." But that was showbiz hokum. Larry's sweet and lilting voice is singular, in more ways than one. That voice-and his legacy as a pioneer entertainer, along with his fellow performers at Forbidden City-is what led me to persuade him to record this disk of favorite standards.

He didn't need much persuasion. Once a crooner, always a crooner, and Larry, who was born and raised in Hawaii, has been singing since he was a child. He was a merchant marine in the late Thirties and would disembark in San Francisco between jobs. He visited Chinatown taverns and broke out in the occasional song. In 1938, a restaurant, the Chinese Village, hired him. "I became the first singing bartender in Chinatown," he says. The bar's co-owner, Charlie Low, then opened Forbidden City, with a floor show of singers, dancer, acrobats and magicians. In 1942, Low hired Larry to become his featured vocalist. Larry wasn't sure. "I had never had any singing lessons," he said. "I can't read music. I would buy a record and take it home and play it until I learned it." Larry flourished at Forbidden City [and other clubs, too] and after it closed in 1961, he left show business. Through the years, though, he has continued to sing, at weddings, community events, and occasional reunions of Forbidden City alumni.

I met him at the world premiere of Arthur Dong's eye and ear-opening documentary Forbidden City, U.S.A., in San Francisco in 1989, and have been waiting for this CD ever since. The fact that I had to produce it myself is nothing less than an honor. We've included a few cuts from his only other recording, from…who knows when. Vintage vinyl or state-of-the-art digital, Larry sounds wonderful. And that's no showbiz hokum.

- Ben Fong-Torres

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