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Lo & Behold
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Lo & Behold

By Benedict Norbert Wong
2003, 35 pages, hardback.
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Book Description from the Front Cover Flap

Lo Long hates Chinese food...Chinese school...Chinese customs. Or does he? Enter a 3,000-year-old dragon named Behold. Sent to America from the boy's grandfather in China, Behold helps Lo to rediscover his cultural roots.

Written and illustrated by Benedict Norbert Wong, Lo & Behold is a warm, whimsical look at the generational culture clash faced by many Asian families today-on both sides of the Pacific. For Lo, as well as for other Asian children, will it be hamburger or traditional food? Pencil or brush? Crew-neck or mandarin collar?

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Comments from Back Cover

"Today's younger generation usually relates better to books that illustrate our unique Asian American heritage. It is absolutely a delight to disover Ben Wong's colorful and imaginative tales. Ben is leading his tremendous storytelling talent to a genre of literature that has received far too little attention."
- Matin Yan
Master Chef, author, host of
Yan Can Cook

"Lo & Behold is a wonderfully entertaining book for readers of all ages. The illustrations grab your attention from beginning to end. And the storyline reinforces the value of family and importance of cultural identity."
- Susan Leong Lee, Ed.D.
Early Childhood Education Professor

"Children are captivated by the story! The theme is entirely suitable for a diverse school population. The humor, vocabulary, and plot are developmentally appropriate."
- Linda Barker
Elementary school Principal, San Francisco

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Background on Benedict Norbert Wong

Benedict Norbert Wong learned Chinese tradition first-hand from his grandmother in Fresno, California, and his parents in Salinas, California. An award-winning advertising writer, illustrator, and designer, he is also an author and illustrator of children's books. He practices Chinese painting, calligraphy, and taijiquan. He lives with his wife in Hillsborough, California.

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