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Sumi's First Day of School Ever
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Sumi's First Day of School Ever

By Soyung Pak
Illustrated by Joung Un Kim
2003, 32 pages, hardback.
Book Description from Back Cover
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Book Description from Back Cover

WHEN SUMI arrives at school on her first day, she sees a big building. She sees strange children. (Some are big.) She sees wide stairs and a big metal fence. School is a lonely place, she thinks. When Sumi enters the noisy classroom and hears loud children saying things she doesn't understand, Sumi feels even worse. School is a scary place. And when a little boy squishes his eyes and makes a face at Sumi, that's when she decides School is a mean place.

Here is a thoughtful picture book about a young Korean girl trying to find her place in a new classroom on the first day of school. For Sumi, the first day is extra hard because she doesn't know the same language as everybody else. But with some help from a kind teacher and the fortunate acquaintance of a friendly girl at recess, Sumi realizes that maybe school is not as lonely, scary, or mean as she thought!

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Background on the Author and Illustrator

SOYUNG PAK was bom in South Korea and spent her childhood in the suburbs of South Jersey. Her first day of school was spent at Lindenwold Elementary School, and her first friend was her next-door neighbor, Beth. The winner of the Ezra Jack Keats award for her first book, Dear Juno, in 1999, Soyung Pak is also the author of another picture book, called A Place to Grow.

JOUNG UN KIM grew up in California and attended the Rhode Isiand School of Design, where she graduated with a BFA. After spending some time working as a book designer in New York City, she decided to return home to become a full-time illustrator. She still lives in California.

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