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Socks Heaven
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Socks Heaven

By Pauline Young
Illustrated by Benny Lau
2004, 32 pages, Hardback.
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About the Author and Illustrator

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Book Description from the Publisher's Website

Sam lost his favourite socks one day. Missing them, he ventured into a dreamscape and found a good heaven full of wonderful socks filled with colors, shapes and motion, but not his - Will Sam find his favourite socks in the Socks Heaven?

A book for young children as well as adults who had once lost their favorite socks, Socks Heaven is a delightful, imaginative mystery about the experience of 'lost and found'. A charming fantasy picture book, Socks Heaven certainly makes a wonderful gift.

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Background on the Author and Illustrator

Pauline Young
Traveling between the United States and Hong Kong, Pauline enjoys telling stories to adults and children alike and frequently spinning stories into speeches and communication training programs. A San Francisco State University graduate with a BA degree in English and an MBA in Marketing, Pauline had worked for HSBC and the HKSAR Government in communications and training capacities. She is currently a specialty coach and trainer in high-impact communications. Pauline is the mother of two boys.

Benny Lau
Hong Kong-born graphic designer-cum-product designer, Benny loves to read, draw, build and experiment with materials and possibilities. He finds turning dreams into shapes the most inspiring experience. An avid devotee of organic farming, Benny also actively explores how organic farming can work wonder with his creative play, drawings and his cats.

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