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Money Folding 101
Double Your $
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Money Folding 101
Double Your $

By Norma Eng
Part of the Can Do Series by Suzanne McNeill
2002, 35 pages, Paperback.
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Book Description from the Series Creator

For every fan of paper folding, money is a sure winner! Turn bills of any denomination into practical gifts that are really fun to receive.

The art of paper folding has never been more popular. With money we have a new twist on an old craft! Fold paper money from the United States or any other country into a variety of unique forms... trees, hearts, butterflies, flowers, sandals, boots, hats, fortune cookies and neckties.

You can even make a shirt and present it in its own little gift box.

With a few dollar bills and some simple folds, it is fun to Double Your $!

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Background on Norma Eng

Norma is a native of Seattle, Washington, and has an education degree from the University of Washington. She learned Origami as a child and has taught the ancient art for more than 20 years.

Norma continues to teach Origami and is the featured instructor in an educational video series on the subject. Norma's other loves include crafts, Chinese cooking and traveling. She finds time to quilt, sew and create handmade special occasion Origami cards.

Norma resides with her husband in Texas. They have two grown children, one living in Seattle and the other in Boston.

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