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A Single Shard
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A Single Shard

By Linda Sue Park
2001, 152 pages, Paperback.
Book Description from Back Cover
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Book Description from Back Cover

Tree-ear is an orphan boy in a twelfth-century Korean potters' village. For a long time he is content to live with Crane-man under a bridge, barely surviving on scraps of food. All of that changes when Tree-ear sees master potter Min making his beautiful pottery. Tree-ear sneaks Into Min's workplace and dreams of creating his own pots someday. When he accidentally breaks a pot, he must work for the master to pay for the damage. Though the work is long and hard, Tree-ear is eager to learn. Then he is sent to the King's Court to show the master's pottery. Little does Tree-ear know that this difficult and dangerous journey will change his life forever.

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Background on Linda Sue Park

Linda Sue Park was born and raised in Illinois. The daughter of Korean immigrants, she has been writing poems and stories since she was four years old, and her favorite pastime as a child was reading. She read everything from Nancy Drew to the classics; to this day, books for young people are among her favorite reading material.

As a student in elementary and high school, Linda Sue Park had several poems published in magazines for children and young people. At Stanford University, she competed on the gymnastics team and eventually graduated with a degree in English. She went on to earn advanced degrees in literature from Trinity College in Ireland and the University of London.

She worked at many jobs-in public relations, advertising, journalism, and teaching-before writing her first children's book, Seesaw Girl, which was published in 1999. The Kite Fighters came out in 2000, followed by A Single Shard, which was awarded the 2002 Newbery Medal for excellence in children's literature. In March 2002, she published her fourth novel, When My Name Was Keoko. Five picture books are forthcoming, as well as several short stories in anthologies for young adults.

Linda Sue Park also writes poetry for young people and adults; her children's poetry has been published in Cricket magazine. She lives in western New York with her family: two children, her husband, a dog, and a hamster. Besides reading and writing, she likes to cook, travel, give dinner parties, watch movies and baseball, and do the New York Times crossword puzzle in ink.

To learn more about Linda Sue Park and her books, visit her website at

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