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The Closet Ghosts
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The Closet Ghosts

By Uma Krishnaswami
Illustrated by Shiraaz Bhabha
2006, 32 pages, Hardback.
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Background on the Author and Illustrator

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Moving to a new place is hard enough without finding a bunch of mean, nasty ghosts in your closet. This looks like a job for Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god, who can change shape in the blink of an eye and chase goblins and demons away with his thundering voice. When Hanuman answers Anu's plea for help, Anu rejoices until she realizes those pesky ghosts don't seem to be going anywhere.

Uma Krishnaswami effortlessly weaves motifs from Indian mythology into bubbly story of ultimately finding comfort in a new place, and Shiraaz Bhabha's exquisitely detailed acrylic paintings glow on the page. The Closet Ghosts is a treat that will delight and amaze any child who faced a big change...or had ghost in her closet.

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Background on the Author and Illustrator

Uma Krishnaswami was born in India and now lives in northwest New Mexico. She has written several children's books, including Chachaji's Cup (2004 winner of the Paterson Prize) and Monsoon (a Parents' Choice recommended book). Uma is also co-director of the Bisti Writing Project, which is a part of the National Writing Project.

Shiraaz Bhabha was born and raised in India, and now lives in California. A gifted fine artist and website designer, Shiraaz had her first major show of paintings in Berkeley, California, in September of 2004. Her paintings blend Eastern and Western themes, techniques, and motifs. This is her first book for children.

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