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Project Mulberry
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Project Mulberry

By Linda Sue Park
2005, 225 pages, Hardback.
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About the Author

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Julia Song and her friend Patrick would love to win a blue ribbon, maybe even two, at the state fair. They've always done projects together, and they work well as a team. This time, though, they're having trouble coming up with just the right plan. Then Julia's mother offers a suggestion: They can raise silkworms, as she did when she was a girl in Korea.

Patrick thinks it's a great idea. Of course there are obstacles - for example, where will they get mulberry leaves, the only thing silkworms eat? - but nothing they can't handle.

Julia isn't so sure. The club where kids do their projects is all about traditional American Stuff - farm animals, crops, cooking, and sewing. Big red barns. Cornfields. Hayrides. And raising silkworms just doesn't fit in.

There might be an easy way around this, but the author, Ms. Park, seems determined to make Julia's Life as complicated as possible, no matter how hard Julia tries to talk her out of it.

Unique and expertly crafted, Project Mulberry is a funny, lively contemporary story that illuminates the process of writing a novel and the meaning of growing up American.

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About the Author

Linda Sue Park is the author of the novels A Single Shard, which received the Newbery Medal, Seesaw Girl, The Kite Fighters, and When My Name Was Keoko, as well as two picture books for Clarion, The Firekeeper's Son and What Does Bunny See? Ms. Park lives with her family in Rochester, New York. A hank of raw silk hangs from a shelf in her home office; it was spun by silkworms that were raised as research for this book.

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