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San Francisco's

By the Japantown Task Force, Inc.
2005, 128 pages, Paperback.
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Book Description from Back Cover

Many people driving by elegant Japantown appreciate the graceful architecture of the pagodas and fountains but do not know much about the Japanese community that has long been a vibrant part of San Francisco. Japantown—one of only three left in this country—began as Nihonjinmachi, or “Japanese People’s Town,” after the first Japanese arrived here in 1869. As their numbers increased, institutions arose to serve them, including churches, schools, and various civic and social organizations. The population drifted through various parts of the city and finally settled in the Western Addition after the 1906 earthquake.

In this new retrospective, the Japantown Task Force, Inc., an organization dedicated to preserving the cultural and historical resources of the Japanese community, presents a fantastic collection of vintage photographs from the archives of the National Japanese American Historical Society, the Japanese American National Library, and the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, as well as from local, private sources. More than 200 images illustrate such things as the early struggles of new immigrants, the populous prewar neighborhood, the dark times of relocation during World War II, the community's rebirth in the late 1940s as its members overcame lingering mistrust and hostility, and the efforts underway today to preserve Japantown's legacy.

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