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Child of War
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Child of War

Poems by Genny Lim
2003, 78 pages, Paperback.
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Comments from Back Cover

"Child of War reintroduces the reader to the power - and danger - of poetry. And of life. And of grief. And of loss. And of love. And of war. We go into the depths of darkness and learn what happens when a mother outlives her daughter. These poems spare no one. Life itself is on trial. Shadows are let loose. Pain is released. Liberation happens."
-Matthew Fox, President of the University of Creation Spirituality and author of Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet and Original Blessing.

"Powerful elegies to the illusions of permanency ... Child of War is a deeply moving and affirming work of acceptance and resistance. The poems unfold out of the tragic death of Lim's 19 year old daughter Danielle and expand into the perpetually war torn world of crisis and uncertainty. This is a rich gathering of sorrow, joy, and affirmation."
-David Meltzer, poet and author of San Francisco Beat: Talking With The Poets and No Eyes: Lester Young.

"Genny Lim is passionate in her grief at the loss of her daughter, passionate in her sorrow and rage for the world, and yet her touch is so skillful and light, her language so tender and fierce and patient, that it reads like a book of prayer. These poems are luminous, simple and full of grace."
-Aurora Levins Morales, poet, essayist, community historian and activist, and poetry commentator for Pacifica Radio's Flashpoints on KPFA-Radio in Berkeley.

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Background on Genny Lim

Genny Lim is a native San Franciscan poet, performer, playwright and educator. Her play about Angel Island immigrants, Paper Angels aired on American Playhouse in 1995 and the landmark anthology she co-authored, Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, drew international attention on the issue of institutional racism against immigrants. Last year, Genny toured Venezuela as a participant in the Second Annual World Poetry Festival in Caracas, where world poets met with President Hugo Chavez. She has been featured on the PBS series, The United States of Poetry, KQED's Neighborhoods Series, San Francisco Chinatown, and Genny Lim: The Voice by David Moragne.

Lim has also performed in numerous concert performance collaborations with jazz artists such as Max Roach, James Newton, Jon Jang, Francis Wong, John Santos and Herbie Lewis. Her work has garnered awards and fellowships from the Rockefeller Foundation, Creative Work Fund, Zellerbach Family Fund and San Francisco Art Commission. Lim has been featured in the San Francisco Asian American and Chicago Asian American Jazz Festivals, Houston International Art Festival, San Jose Jazz Festival and San Diego Street Scene Festival.

Lim is featured as poet-vocalist on Jon Jang's Soul Note CD, Immigrant Suite and on Devotee with Francis Wong, the late Glenn Horiuchi and Elliot Kavee. Her CD, Child of Peace, was released in 2005 and her poetry book, Child of War was published in 2003.

Lim serves on the faculty of New College of California in San Francisco.

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