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The Traitor
Golden Mountain Chronicles: 1885
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The Traitor
Golden Mountain Chronicles: 1885

By Laurence Yep
2004, 310 pages, Paperback.
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Book Description from Back Cover

In the Wyoming territory in 1885, life is tough, especially for Michael Purdy. An outcast in the small town of Rock Springs, he's either bullied and bloodied, or ignored. Michael feels he might as well be a ghost in this rough coal-mining town.

But life is even harder for Joseph Young, a Chinese American boy and Michael's secret ally. Despised by the white miners, the Chinese work in dangerous conditions, struggling against poverty and racism. Still, Joseph yearns to be a "real American"- a dream his father and the other Chinese laborers can't understand.

When the town's growing resentment toward the Chinese explodes, Michael and Joseph must test their unlikely friendship and trust each other with their lives.

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Comments from Back Cover

"Essential reading for all students of America's complex history and culture."
-Kirkus Reviews

"An exciting book of two boys at odds with their own kind and with their worlds."

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Background on Laurence Yep

Laurence Yep was born and raised in San Francisco, California. He received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

His many novels include additional books about the Young family: THE SERPENT'S CHILDREN, MOUNTAIN LIGHT, DRAGON'S GATE, a Newbery Honor Book, DRAGONWINGS, a Newbery Honor Book and the recipient of the International Reading Association's Children's Book Award, CHILD OF THE OWL, SEA GLASS, and THIEF OF HEARTS. He is also the author of WHEN THE CIRCUS CAME TO TOWN, THE IMP THAT ATE MY HOMEWORK, and THE MAGIC PAINTBRUSH.

In addition to his fiction, Laurence Yep has also written plays. His adaptation of DRAGONWINGS was performed at Lincoln Center and at the Kennedy Center. He has also taught Asian American Studies at the University of California at Berkeley and at Santa Barbara, and in 1990 was the recipient of an NEA fellowship in fiction. He lives in Pacific Grove, California, with his wife, fellow author Joanne Ryder.

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