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Motherbridge of Love
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Motherbridge of Love

Created by Mother Bridge of Love
Ilustrated by Josée Masse
2007, 28 pages, Hardback.
Book Description From the Back Cover
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Book Description From the Back Cover

Once there were two women who never knew each other. One you do not know. The other you call Mother.

This beautiful poem celebrates the bond between parent and child in a very special way. Through the exchanges between a little girl and her adoptive parent, Motherbridge of Love offers a poignant and inspiring message to adoptive parents and children all over the world.

Anonymously submitted to the charity Mother Bridge of Love, the poem and its heartening message encourages the celebration of love and family, in its many varied forms. Text royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Mother Bridge of Love.

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Background on Mother Bridge of Love and Josée Masse

Mother Bridge of Love is a charity that was founded by Xinran, the acclaimed Chinese author, broadcaster and journalist. In 2004, Xinran made it her aim to reach out to Chinese children all over the world who have been adopted, creating a bridge of understanding between China and the West and between adoptive culture and birth culture. Please visit to learn more.

Josée Masse grew up in Montreal, where she painted with her father in his studio from as long ago as she can remember. After college, she worked as a graphic designer for a few years, before deciding to become a full-time illustrator. Josée now lives in Quebec with her partner and their daughter.

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