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The Ugly Vegetables
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The Ugly Vegetables

By Grace Lin
1999, 29 pages, Paperback.
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Book Description from Back Cover

When a little girl and her mother dig, plant, and water their garden, they do things differently than their neighbors. They use shovels, but their neighbors use trowels. They use a hose, but their neighbors use watering cans.

And when their plants grow, they look different. The neighbors' flowers look beautiful. The little girl thinks their own vegetables are just plain ugly. But when harvest time comes, Mom knows just what to do….

Discover the magic that grows in a vegetable garden (with a little help from Mom). Find out what might happen if you, too, plant ugly vegetables.

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Comments from Back Cover

Kids' Pick of the Lists (ABA)

NCSS/CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People

"Grace Lin's debut picture book serves up the savory delights of the harvest in a satisfying story."
- The Horn Book Magazine

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Background on Grace Lin

Grace Lin is the award-winning author and illustrator of The Year of the Dog, as well as picture books such as Dim Sum for Everyone. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and lives in Somerville, Massachusetts. Her Web site is

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