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In Defense of Our Neighbors
The Walt and Milly Woodward Story
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In Defense of Our Neighbors
The Walt and Milly Woodward Story

By Mary Woodward
2008, 152 pages, Hardback.

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Book Description from Back Cover

In Defense of Our Neighbors: The Walt and Milly Woodward Story recounts the stirring events surrounding a small island couple's fight to help a community grapple with the internment of its Japanese American citizens, a group that made up nearly ten percent of the Island's population-and the first group in the country to be forcibly exiled in the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Written by the late couple's daughter, Mary Woodward, this book offers a unique perspective on a troubling chapter of American history. Woodward provides the most complete insight to date on a community that approached this crisis like no other in the country-and the brave, principled couple that today remains a symbol of heroism to the Japanese American community and defenders of civil liberties.

With never-before-published artifacts and photos from local historical societies and the families of the interned citizens themselves; poignant reflections from internment survivors and Bainbridge locals; and an engaging, informative narrative, In Defense of Our Neighbors is an enlivening, original perspective on the enduringly popular subjects of World War II and the treatment of Japanese Americans.

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Comments from the Back Cover

"[Mary Woodward's] book goes a long way toward resurrecting Walt and Milly as complex and nuanced human beings.... What we have here are facts illuminated, facts in layers, and facts colored by intimate recollection."
- From David Guterson's foreword to In Defense of Our Neighbors

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Background on Mary Woodward

Mary Woodward is a graduate in history from Whitman College, a former history teacher and is the daughter of the late Walt and Milly Woodward. She is a frequent lecturer and columnist on the history and the politics of the exclusion, is active in the preservation of Bainbridge Island history, and has been a leader in the creation of the Bainbridge Island WWII Nikkei Internment and Exclusion Memorial. She lives on Bainbridge Island.

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