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Origami Jewelry
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Origami Jewelry

By Ayako Brodek
2007, 128 pages, Hardback.

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Don't just fold and look at your origami work-wear it! Using papers in a dazzling array of colors and wonderful patterns, textures, and finishes, and with traditional folding skills and simple jewelry-making techniques, you'll learn to fashion pendants, pins, earrings, and other exquisite accessories.

Categorized by season-and with a special section devoted to Japanese motifs-these imaginative projects will have you folding all year long. And whether you wear the jewelry yourself or give it as a gift to a special someone, you'll enjoy creating exquisite and personalized accessories.

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Every project includes a full materials list, step-by-step folding and finishing instructions, a gorgeous photograph of the final piece, suggested color variations, and ideas for adapting the design and adding embellishments.

All of the key folding and finishing techniques are clearly explained and illustrated. Projects are graded from easy to more challenging, so that even novices can begin making beautiful origami jewelry right from the start.

ayako brodek shows you how to create brooches and pendants from traditional origami designs such as cranes, frogs, and kimonos; stunning starburst pins using modular techniques: beautiful origami beads for necklaces and bracelets; and delightful heart and flower earrings.

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Background on Ayako Brodek

Ayako Brodek's love of origami began when she was a little girl. On long ferryboat rides to her grandparents' home in Shikoku, Japan, her mother would make origami cranes and boats from candy wrappers to make the time pass quickly. After moving to the United States, her fascination with origami continued: and she founded Oricraft to introduce her work to a wider audience. Brodek's desire is to design origami works that can be loved and used in everyday life.

Wearable origami is one of Brodek's greatest passions, and she has devoted considerable time to exploring ways to transform her folded-paper creations into pieces of jewelry that are both delicate and durable. She sells her work at art and craft shows and through her website She also teaches origami to people of all ages at local libraries and schools. Brodek lives and works in New Jersey.

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