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The Woman Who Ate Chinatown
A San Francisco Odyssey
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The Woman Who Ate Chinatown
A San Francisco Odyssey

By Shirley Fong-Torres
2008, 177 pages, Paperback.

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Book Description from Back Cover

For two decades Shirley Fong-Torres has guided 20,000 visitors a year through San Francisco's Chinatown. This book shows why so many keep coming back for more. It's Chinese-American history with a bottomless appetite for quirky anecdotes, respected traditions and exquisite dumplings.

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Comments from Back Cover

"I love Shirley Fong-Torres. Her effervescence and passion make her irresistible. If she writes a book I'll buy it, if she hosts a tour, I'll take it, if she recommends a restaurant I'll eat there."
- Gene Burns, KGO, San Francisco

"Shirley Fong-Torres knows San Francisco's Chinatown better than anyone… She's downloaded a chunk of what she knows in this book, filled with great information and a touching account of her family history."
- Michael Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle

"I thought I knew San Francisco Chinatown, that is, until I met Shirley."
- Martin Yan, YAN CAN COOK

Shirley Fong-Torres has a contagious love of life, people, place and food… I am rapt by her stories, energized by her passion and touched by her spirit."
- Joey Altman, BAY CAFÉ

"This is Shirley Fong-Torres, a very bossy woman. But if you want to do business in San Francisco Chinatown you have to deal with her. She knows everybody and everything."
- Comedian Martin Clune

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Background on Shirley Fong-Torres

The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Shirley Fong-Torres has operated WOK WIZ Chinatown Tours and Cooking Company since 1984 and conducts national and international culinary tours. She is a TV chef, teaches Chinese cooking, is a food and travel writer, and public speaker. She resides in San Francisco, CA.

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