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Stories from the Silk Road
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Stories from the Silk Road

Retold by Cherry Gilchrist
Illustrated by Nilesh Mistry
1999, 80 pages, Paperback.

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The Spirit of the Silk Road will be your guide on this exotic journey along the ancient trade route between East and West, from Chang'an, the old capital of China, to Samarkand, city of dreams. Caravans following the Silk Road pass through icy mountains and flower-filled valleys, through quiet villages and crowded bazaars. The travelers who go with them are of many types - merchants and muleteers, spies and shepherds, priests and pilgrims. On the way, they are always eager to hear and tell a good story.

In Chang'an, you will hear the strange tale of the lady who, because of her father's rash vow, is transformed into a horse's bride. On the outskirts of the Taklamakan desert, a Persian merchant will make you shudder at his description of the vast sandy wasteland and the terrifying demons and mirages that haunt it. In Kashgar a group of shepherds at an inn will introduce you to Wali, who sets out with his brothers to seek his fortune and finds a magic saddlebag, but discovers that his good luck has an unfavorable effect on the people he meets...

Cherry Gilchrist's own journeys along the Silk Road lend authority, realism and exotic detail to this fascinating anthology, while Nilesh Mistry's intricate drawings and jewel-like colors make it a magnificent gift as well as a unique story and reference book.

Stories in this book -
Chang'an - The Bride with The Horse's Head
Jiayuguan - Monkey and The River Dragon
Dunhuang - White Cloud Fairy
Taklamakan - The Enchanted Garden
Kashgar - The Magic Saddlebag
Tien Shan - Clever Ashik
Samarkand - A Rainbow in Silk

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Comments from Back Cover

"Intriguing tales retold in this enchanting book"
- Kirkus Reviews

"The conversational tone of the telling evokes a tourist's sightseeing expedition with brightly colored, intricately patterned illustrations"
- Booklist

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Background on Cherry Gilchrist and Nilesh Mistry

CHERRY GILCHRIST has written numerous books for children and adults, many of which focus on myths and wisdom traditions such as alchemy and astrology. She also works in the field of Russian art, giving lectures and arranging exhibitions of traditional crafts. Cherry lives in Bath, England but is a keen traveler, especially to places with an ancient culture as she has made two journeys along the Silk Road, and made trips to Russia, Siberia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Crete, Jordan and China. Cherry's other Barefoot books include Sun-Day, Moon-Day (1998) and A Calendar of Festivals (1998).

NILESH MISTRY was born in Bombay and moved to London in 1975. He studied illustration at Harrow School of Art and Central St. Martin's School of Art, and went on to work for various animation companies, before becoming a professional illustrator. His other Barefoot books include The Seven Wise Princesses (2000) and The Story of Divaali (2002).

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