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Ichiro Suzuki
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Ichiro Suzuki

By Judith Levin
2008, 135 pages, Paperback.

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Book Description from Back Cover

When Ichiro Suzuki signed a contract with the Seattle Mariners in 2000, he became the first everyday position player from Japan to enter Major League Baseball. Few people believed that the small, slender Suzuki, who wore his first name on the back of his jersey, would be able to succeed. But Ichiro, who was already a superstar in Japan, rapidly showed that his hitting literally knew no bounds. Although he has played in the major leagues only since the 2001 season, Ichiro has quickly established himself as one of the game's top players. Not only has he won a Gold Glove in each of his first six seasons, but in 2004 he set an all-time Major League Baseball record: 262 hits in one season.

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Background on Judith Levin

JUDITH LEVIN has worked in publishing for 20 years as an editor and a freelance writer. She is the author of several biographies, including the young adult title Hugo Chavez, as well as books for children and teens on history and science.

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