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Surfer of the Century
The Life of Duke Kahanamoku
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Surfer of the Century
The Life of Duke Kahanamoku

By Ellie Crowe
Illustrated by Richard Waldrep
2007, 46 pages, Hardback.

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Growing up in Honolulu with the Pacific Ocean as his backyard, Duke Kahanamoku learned to swim and surf at a young age. By his early twenties, Duke's lightning-fast swimming won him a place on the 1912 United States Olympic team and a gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle race. Over the years Duke struggled with racism and financial troubles, but by the end of his twenty-year Olympic career, he was a six-time medal winner.

Although a swimming champion, Duke's passion was surfing. He traveled the world, introducing surfboarding to Australia and the east and west coasts of the United States. Considered the father of modern surfing, Duke spread his love of the ocean and Hawai'i wherever he went.

Throughout his life Duke Kahanamoku was beloved for his modesty, sportsmanship, and amazing skill in the water. Today he remains a legendary waterman and an inspiration to all to live life with aloha.

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Comments from Back Cover

Surfer of the Century brings to life the determination, courage in adversity, and good sportsmanship of Duke Kahanamoku, one of the great surfers in history.
Nat Young, Four-time World Champion Surfer

An inspirational book about a great man.
Shaun Tomson, World Champion Surfer, 1977

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Background on Ellie Crowe and Richard Waldrep

Ellie Crowe has written several children's books, as well as guidebooks to Hawai'i. Crowe first heard of Duke Kahanamoku while living in Australia. Moving to Hawai'i, she found that Duke's legacy originated there. "He is a great role model and I wanted to introduce him to young readers today," says Crowe. She lives in Honolulu with her husband and their three children.

Richard Waldrep is an award-winning illustrator who has created images for editorial, publishing, advertising, and corporate clients, including U.S. News and World Report, the Washington Post, and Parker Brothers. His paintings honoring the Olympic Games, American music, and history have appeared on U.S. postage stamps. He lives in Sparks, Maryland.

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