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Marcello the Movie Mouse
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Marcello the Movie Mouse

By Liz Hockinson
Illustrated by Kathryn Otoshi
2006, 33 pages, Hardback.

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Marcello knew he was not like other mice. Movies played in his head and stories stirred in his heart.

Marcello is a tiny mouse who lives in the Grand Palazzo Theatre. While other mice gather cheese at the Parmesan factory, Marcello watches movies, and only dreams of making his own film someday. But tough times are ahead: no camera, no crew, and every day is just work, work, work at the factory. To top it all off, Ravioli, the theater cat, lurks at every corner, ready to pounce. "That's a big job for such a little mouse," says Papa, shaking his head. But Marcello just won't give up!

Two movie lovers, Liz Hockinson and Kathryn Otoshi, have teamed up to create a heartwarming story that reminds youngsters to never give up on their dreams.

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Background on Liz Hockinson and Kathryn Otoshi

Liz Hockinson spent nearly every Saturday of her childhood at the Miami Shores Theater in Florida. She loves movies just as much as Marcello does, but she loves writing children's books even more. Her adventurous life traveling around the world, writing for newspapers, and teaching English has given her plenty of stories to tell. She lives in Northern California -with her family and her cat Tigger (a.k.a. Ravioli).

Kathryn Otoshi is the author and illustrator of What Emily Saw and Simon the Sock Monster. A former art director at Industrial Light & Magic, she loves watching movies, and won't leave her seat until she's seen the final credits. Kathryn lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Daniel, and a tiny mouse named Marcello, whom she feeds cheese and popcorn to every day.

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