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The Issei Prisoners of the San Pedro Internment Center
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The Issei Prisoners of the San Pedro Internment Center

By Stanley N. Kanzaki
2009, 270 pages, Paperback.

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Book Description from Back Cover

The Issei Prisoners of the San Pedro Internment Center is the inspiring story of Kenji Yamato, a privileged young Japanese fellow whose father is assigned to the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco during the early 1930s. Kenji's adventure and education in America begins in that city, leading to his acceptance into the University of California.

Author Stanley N. Kanzaki creates a remarkable cast of Issei characters, the first poor immigrants from Japan, and their struggles in the America of that era. On December 7, 1941, when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, his enviable life is shattered. He receives a chilling knock on his door and is hauled off by the FBI.

This also happens to many of his fellow Issei who were later imprisoned in internment centers around America. Their lives become an arduous battle of courage and a battle to survive the overwhelming hate, intolerance, and injustice of an America for which they worked so hard to be a part.

Mr. Kanzaki successfully interweaves the powerful themes of racism, love, violence, sex, and fate. All in all, it is their sense of honor, and the perseverance of the oppressed Issei men and their values, that helps them overcome many of their hardships and eventually live as free people.

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Background on

Stanley N. Kanzaki was born in San Francisco to immigrant Japanese parents. During World War II he was incarcerated in American concentration camps at Tanforan, California and Topaz, Utah. Upon release he grew up in New York City and later served during the Korean War with a United States Army military intelligence unit. He then attended Stetson University and upon gradu­ating returned to the United States Army as an officer. Upon completing his tour, he received a New York City scholarship, gradu­ated from Columbia University School of Social Work, and worked as a social worker and consultant with the New York City Human Resources Administration. Upon retiring, the author took up writing and enjoys being involved in various Japanese-American organizations. This is his first novel.

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