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Bait for Lunch
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Bait for Lunch

By K. A. Okagaki
Illustrated by Ryan Shaw
2009, 21 pages, back.

Book Description from Back Cover
About the Author and Illustrator

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Book Description from Back Cover

Gilroy Tanaka thinks Grandpa staying with him while Mom and Dad are away will be a treat. Poor Gilroy's delight turns to shock when his grandfather serves octopus for dinner and squid kabobs for lunch.

What's a hungry kid supposed to do?

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Background on K. A. Okagaki and Ryan Shaw

K.A. Okagaki grew up in Northern California and graduated with a degree in applied mathematics from the University of California at Davis. She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and actively participates with a writing group called the North County Brown Bag Writers. Her articles have appeared in Highlights for Children, San Diego Pets, and Skating magazines. She is currently at work on her next book.

The author lives with her husband and their house rabbit, Thumper, in Southern California. Much of the time, you can find the family in the garden tending to the grape vines, harvesting boysenberries, or checking the trees for ripe pomegranates.

When he was eight years of age, Ryan Shaw began to draw pictures constantly He drew anywhere and everywhere. Over time Ryan's style of artwork has changed. Most recently, he started a cartoony stylized artwork.

Ryan wished to illustrate children's books for quite a while. Two months ago, he was selected to illustrate two children's books for 4RV Publishing: Spider in Our Mailbox and Bait for Lunch, both released in 2009.

He wishes over time to illustrate fulltime as well as continue to work with Three Bros. Studios with his brothers.

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