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Public Japanese Gardens In the USA
Present and Past
Southern California
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Public Japanese Gardens
In the USA
Present and Past
Southern California

By David M. Newcomer
2010, 292 pages, Paperback.

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Book Description from Back Cover

Whether you are a traveler on vacation or business in Southern California, a local resident, or an armchair traveler,

Without this new regional visitor's guide, you may never know and never enjoy these amazing and refreshing Japanese gardens open daily and awaiting your visit.

Each chapter on one of these nine, uniquely different and beautiful gardens includes...

A basic fact sheet with address, telephone number, days and times open, admission costs, wheelchair accessibility.
A garden map highlighting each garden feature.
Specific private and public transportation directions.
A brief history of the garden, including designer, as well as key persons and organizations.
A guided stroll through the garden with photographs from key viewing locations.

In addition...When visiting these public Japanese gardens, you may be surprised to learn about and want to visit 39 near-by Points of Interest related to your appreciation of "things Japanese": Japanese tea houses, Japantowns, large temple bells, memorials, sister city lanterns, temple gardens and much more.

In addition...
With the aid of photographs, you will visit and learn the fascinating histories of 19 Past or Deceased Points of Interest and, with a reconstructed garden map, stroll one international exposition Japanese garden which, though long forgotten, was very popular and influential as far back as 1915.

For more than 38 years, David Newcomer has been searching out public Japanese gardens in the U.S.A., collecting information and photographing these gardens, in order to increase awareness and enjoyment of this very remarkable art form which celebrates nature and our relationship to it.

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Background on David M. Newcomer

For over 35 years, David Newcomer has visited more than 300 public Japanese gardens in the United States, Canada and Europe, as well as, Japan. In addition, he has completed research on more than 100 Japanese gardens that no longer exist, recovering old photographs, documenting their history and reconstructing maps of the gardens, including Japanese gardens at the major international fairs since 1876.

David is writing a series of regional visitor's guidebooks to public Japanese gardens in the USA, both present and past gardens. He is a member of the California Garden and Landscape History Society and the Marin Bonsai Club. He has presented slide shows for garden clubs, public libraries, churches, senior centers and local historical societies.

David is retired and living in Mill Valley, California.

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