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Ladder to the Moon
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Ladder to the Moon

By Maya Soetoro-Ng
Illustrated by Yuyi Morales
2011, 38 pages, Hardback.

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About the Author and Illustrator

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Book Description from the Front Cover Flap

One cool new evening, Suhaila asked her mama, "What was Grandma Annie like?" "She was like the moon," her mother replied. "Full, soft, and curious. Your grandma would wrap her arms around the whole world if she could."

On a night bejeweled with stars, a golden ladder unfurls outside little Suhaila's window. Her grandmother, perched on its lowest rung, invites her to climb on board for a wondrous adventure. Traveling across sky, sea, and land, together they look back at Earth while opening their minds, arms, and hearts to people everywhere, sending a healing glow to wrap the globe in an embrace as wide and warm as Grandma Annie's own.

Inspired by the life and spirit of her own mother, Ann Dunham, also mother to President Barack Obama, Maya Soetoro-Ng has crafted a magical tale that sings with the love that bonds a family together through generations and unlocks the stories that connect all people through our shared experiences. Yuyi Morales's breathtaking artwork illuminates the path, reminding us that loved ones lost are always with us and that sometimes we need only look at the moon and remember.

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Background on Maya Soetoro-Ng and Yuyi Morales

Maya Soetoro-Ng says that Ladder to the Moon was inspired by her daughter Suhaila's questions about her late grandmother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, the author later moved with her family to Hawaii. She has a rich background in education, travel, and cultural exchange; holds a PhD in international comparative education; and has taught middle school, high school, and at the university level for many years. Currently, Soetoro-Ng lives in Honolulu with her husband and two daughters. About Ann Dunham, she says, "Above all, she was a storyteller. Her stories about heroic journeys and love of every kind are a large part of what made me decide to become a teacher. More than anything, I hoped that I could teach my own daughters some of the many things I learned while witnessing my mother's extraordinary compassion and empathy."

Yuyi Morales came to the United States from Mexico in I994 and since has drawn strongly from her Mexican heritage to create a number of highly celebrated books for children. As an immigrant and new mother, she took solace in public libraries, where she practiced English with her son by reading children's books. A storyteller by nature, she then began to write stories in English, bought her first set of paints and brushes, and taught herself to paint. The first author-illustrator to be recognized three times by the Pura Belpré Committee for her work, she now lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and teenage son.

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