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Origins of Chinese Music and Art
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Origins of Chinese Music and Art

Compiled by Li Xiaoxiang
Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang
Translated by Y N Han
2002, 148 pages, paperback.
Book Description from Back Cover
From the Publisher's Notes
About the Author and Illustrator

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Book Description from Back Cover

Let Origins of Chinese Music and Art guide you through the perplexing maze of all things Chinese. Pick up interesting facts about the "Four Treasures of the Study" - the brush, ink, paper and inkstone - which form the cornerstone of Chinese culture.

Be enthralled by the charming stories of Chinese icons:
• Cao Cao, who hinted that he wants a door widened just by writing a character on the door.
• Shi Kuang, whose music was said to resurrect the dead.
• Wu Daozi, who never ccompleted his painting for fear that they would come alive.

You will be amazed by the wisdom and exquisite allure of Chinese culture!

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From the Publisher's Notes

Origins of Chinese Music and Art has been divided into three distinct sections:
• Section 1 explores the origins of the Chinese language and the evolution of Chinese Characters
• Section 2 introduces the reader to the Four Treasures of the Study (brush, ink, paper, and inkstone) and other stationery items
• Section 3 takes a look at the leisurely and artistic pursuits of the Chinese, including music, chess, calligraphy, painting, Chinese New Year painting and spring couplet

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Background on the Author and Illustrator

Li Xiaoxiang was born in 1946. After graduating from Hu'nan Normal University in 1969, she taught Chinese language and literature in a high school. Later, she worked in Zhejiang University as a staff member of Higher Education Research Department, an Office Administrator in the Economics Department, and as editor of an academic journal.

Besides having a firm foundation in Chinese language and literature, Li is also skilled in editorial work. She has a deep understanding of traditional Chinese culture, especially Buddhism, and has penned several discourses on this subject.

With her penchant for writing, she has produced 20-odd literary pieces and works on various topics. Her published works for the children's market include The Story of Xinqiji, The Story of a Junior Barber, The Story of a Fisherman and a Goldfish, and Wisdom in Chinese Proverbs.

She is presently a Senior Editor with Wuhan University Press.

Fu Chunjiang, born in 1974, is a native of Chongqing municipality in southeastern China's Sichuan province. He has been fond of drawing ever since childhood and graduated in Chinese language studies. Fu loves traditional Chinese culture and has tried his hand at drawing comics.

Since 1994 he has been drawing comics and his work include The Story of Kites and the Faint-hearted Hero. He has also participated in the production of One Riddle for One Story.

His works like Origins of Chinese Festivals and the Chinese Code of Success; Maxims by Zhu Zi published by Asiapac Books are widely acclaimed.

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