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Stone Bow Prayer
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Stone Bow Prayer

By Amy Uyematsu
2005, 121 pages, Paperback.
Book Description from Back Cover
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About the Author

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Book Description from Back Cover

Constructed as a Japanese calendar, with bows to the Zen aesthetic, Stone Bow Prayer—Uyematsu’s third book of poems—shows a woman whose life engages politics, her ancestry, and spirit, while making a living as a public school math teacher in Los Angeles.

Here the infinite and minute nurture one another, and “heaven needs us” as much as we yearn for the sacred. Along with words and numbers, Uyematsu reveres stones—stones that listen to “the rustle our feet make/ even when we leave,” a stone that spirals into the center of a pond in ever-widening circles, the ancient heart of stone which brings us closer to this mystery we know as life. Spanning the grassy plains of China and coasts of Japan to the wisteria-lined streets of Southern California, Stone Bow Prayer expands one woman’s unorthodox vision into an exhilarating illumination of the whole.

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Comments from Back Cover

"With an intimacy and immediacy and passion I can only admire, these poems are directly from the source all poets seek and see things just as they are. There is beauty here, much of it; there is heartbreak and wisdom and healing. Once again, Amy Uyematsu combines her compassionate eye and subtle hand to reveal the radiance that surrounds us despite the apparent darkness of our time. Stone Bow Prayer is a light we need to navigate our human lives."
- Peter Levitt

"Amy Uyematsu is a visionary cartographer who maps the twisting path of history with clarifying insight…. Her voice, whether humorous and pointed, tempered by pain, or joyously celebratory, is always arresting."
- Amerasia Journal

"Uyematsu's style is rueful, easy, and clear. Language becomes a calm ribbon of water through which we see the speaker's tenderness and pain. Stones, simple objects of nature, invoke love and the loss of love, and often serve as her muses. The maturity and wisdom in her lines give us faith in the speaker's honesty."
- Parnassus: Poetry in Review

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Background on Amy Uyematsu

Amy Uyematsu is a sansei (third generation Japanese American) from Los Angeles. Winner of the 1992 Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize, she has two previous volumes of poetry, 30 Miles from J-Town (Story Line Press, 1992) and Nights of Rain (Story Line Press, 1998). She was also a co-editor of Roots: An Asian American Reader (UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press, 1971), one of the earliest anthologies in Asian American Studies.

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